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Premiere: June 22, 2022 - Sideways Festival, Helsinki
Contact: Jukka Karhula, Producer -
+358 504015771

Project Description
MUTATIONS is an immersive sound and light experience which allows participants the ability to coauthor a short piece of music as they move through a physical tunnel, triggering sensors that create a composition, with sampled voices and music. No musical experience is required since each participant composes a new piece of music simply by moving through the piece. Because of the sheer diversity of sensors, no two experiences are the same, which means MUTATIONS will inspire new forms of musical composition and interaction, be it for first-time users or trained musicians and composers alike.

User Journey
As visitors approach MUTATIONS, the installation itself will already be a spectacle. Colored lights will be changing within and speakers will be playing the music being generated by each user. In addition, the movement of the person within will be similar to improvisational dance.
Once a visitor approaches the first smart pad, they will have the option of choosing from three distinct instrument palettes: voice, synth, or percussion. Symbols will communicate these palettes and touching any one of them will give users a short 3 second loop of what instrumentation is possible. At the end of each participant’s experience, they will reach a second smart pad which offers a full recording of their composition via a QR code. In this way, recordings can be easily shared on users’ social media.

The word mutations reminds us that each stage of evolution requires that we adapt to obstacles and threats in our environment. In a very positive sense, mutations are therefore part of our biological and cultural heritage and survival. This is also true of artistic forms, including how we make music and tell stories. Following the idea that the 21st century will be more about interactive co-authored experiences, rather than consumer-based media, MUTATIONS gives users the ability to make original art.

Tech Note
All light and sound sensors will be touchless, so they need not be cleaned or wiped down. The structure itself will be well ventilated and COVID-proof.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Tech Rider
(Version 1.5, with PoE speakers)

Depending on footprint and height of spaces installed, could do more speakers
Genelec 4430A Smart IP Loudspeakers x16 (8 at ear level or above ear level, 8 at foot level)
7050C Active Subwoofers x2

Speaker Stands:
Genelec 8000-409B Speaker Stands x8 (these are not super adaptable - other options that Genelec has?)
Sound Anchors (pricy, but super adaptable)

Ethernet Switches (for PoE speakers):
USW 24 (16 channels)
M4250 (40 channels

Analog out from computer for subwoofers (no PoE subwoofers are available currently)


What the artists brings


  • AV Installation


Ján Tompkins
Ján Tompkins

Czechia Prague

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