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Perceive Reality AV is a vivid exhortation to deepen the
relationship with reality, avoiding simple and often illusory
visions. In a historical context that fosters the proliferation of
dual information and visions, individuals are increasingly
exposed to the danger of perceiving less the complexity of
events, thus losing the training to express complex and
articulated opinions, the result of a reflection, whether
individual or collective. Without having the presumption of
resolving epochal issues, the project alerts to the fact that
univocal answers do not exist and that only by developing a
path of knowledge and giving ourselves the opportunity to
examine things in depth, can we enter into the relationship
with the existing.

Based on this concept and in collaboration with the visual
artist Riccardo Franco-Loiri (aka AKASHA), KHOMPA
developed the Perceive Reality A/V Live Performance,
premiered by the renowned British magazine Factmag.

The show is based on the performance of the musician
who, using sophisticated sensors applied on the drum kit,
controls in real time both the entire musical apparatus and
the live visuals too. 100% live. At each touch of the drums
correspond different actions: the change of a musical note,
the input or output of an instrument within a composition,
as well as a video/colour change, switching on or off a
video effect, as well as the modulation of different
parameters, both audio and video, through the use of
audio-reactive filters and envelope followers.
The visuals will have the task of leading the viewer into the
main Perceive Reality concept. The video projections,
which at first may seem indefinite and abstract, will
suddenly take on a concrete and real appearance, and will
facilitate a perception that is gradually distant from the
initial one: a disruptive flow in which fragments of
perspectives come one after the other, to stimulate and
surprise the eye of the audience.

The invitation of the performance is therefore reiterated:
we choose how to construct opinions about the events of
our lives and the world.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Please provide a professional line-array (MARTIN, D&B, NEXO).
The artist’s sound engineer should have access to the equalizers,
processing equipment and crossover to make the appropriate adjustments
for the show, in collaboration with the local engineers.
PA’s sound pressure should be at least 104 db at F.O.H. Generally, 4 kW
every 100 mq is requested.

01. Bass Drum, Beta 52 / d112 Comp/gate
02. Bass Drum, Beta 92 Comp/gate 48v
03. Snare Top, Sm57 / sm98 Comp/gate
04. Snare Bottom, Sm57 / sm98 Comp/gate
05. Floor Tom, Md421 / sm98 /sm57 Comp/gate
06. Hi Hat, Akg 451 / Sm81 / C1000 48v
07. Trash mic, C414 / c451 / sm81 48v
08. OH L, C414 / c451 / sm81 48v
09. OH R, C414 / c451 / sm81 48v
10/11. Laptop, L/R balanced out Comp
12. Laptop, Mono DI Comp
13/14. Loop station, L/R DI Comp PRO Reverb 1
15/16 EFX Return 1, PRO Reverb 2
17/18 EFX Return 2, PRO Reverb 3MONITORING

A stereo send (2x XLR jack) from FOH desk is required. The artist will
handle monitoring through his own in-ear system.

HDMI cable on stage.

If video projector:
Front or rear projection (rear projection only with appropriate screen and projector).
Projection must cover the entire screen size (minimum size 4*2 mt)
Video projector minimum specifications:
if indoor, 5000 ansilumen, 50000:1 contrast
if outdoor, 7500 ansilumen, 50000:1 contrast

If ledwall:
optimal color rendering
already tested and calibrated
audience distance from stage > 4 meters, minimum pitch 3.8
audience distance from stage < 4 meters, minimum pitch 2.4

2 narrow beam lights (on floor or on truss) with focus point on the
drum set, dimmable to 50% and NOT interfering with projection

In case of projection (no ledwall), the drum set should be as far as
possible from the projection screen to avoid interference with the
projection beam.

What the artists brings

Drum kit + laptops

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Experimental Electronics



Italy Turin


Italy Turin