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Hi, I am Dominik (domj), a multi disciplinary artist and software engineer, here to present:

Schéma is a multipurpose framework and visual authoring tool aimed at AV installations - I call it an Integrated Creative Environment.

It offers fast ways to setup a scene, behaviors and interactions of individual elements and then allows to experiment with everything live. The interface combines elements from visual programming, VJing, light console tools with a number of innovations such as visual controller feedback. In general I am aiming for a game like feel where you can get lost in the creative experience.

I have been working on this tool since 2019. It has been used in a number of public projects - installations, clubs, performances and countless small experiments, see for a taste.

The tool is open source and built from the ground up using vvvv gamma (VL) - it is a visual programming tool, itself made in a visual programming tool!

Find out more at


This presentation will showcase Schéma itself, the philosophy behind it and the user interface and case studies.

If you want to try it for yourself, head over to and get yourself a pay-what-you-want copy!

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Projector (required)
Some DMX light fixtures (nice to have for demo)

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Czechia Praha


LPM 2023 Münster
LPM 2023 Münster
Saturday, 15 April 2023