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This presentation covers the world of immersive interactive art in the Metaverse (Immersionskunst). If you don't have a clue about what this means in social, cultural, political and media-dimension, then just come and get some input.
I will focus on the reception of art experienced by Avatars. How Avatars see the world and how they see themselves being part of this world.

We will explore by walking avatars an integration of image-prompt art, text-prompt (by inworld chat GPT relay Bard Ko-Mu) and synthetic natural voices.

To give the theme a touch of the future I recommend that you watch the trailer at youtube of The Peripherals (an Amazon Prime production) of William Gibson's novel -

I give a 2 h workshop on Friday where there is a chance to work on this theme on an example. I call, both the workshop and this presentation, Supercazzola because many don't see these new technologies as "art" -- they see it as "spam created by machines."
Google for Supercazzola ... -- the best explanation you find in the Italian Wikipedia

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You don't need anything to attend the presentation.

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Data projection and real-time Opensimulator

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Art Blue
Art Blue

Germany Leipzig


LPM 2023 Münster
LPM 2023 Münster
Saturday, 15 April 2023