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Vjing workshop

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Vjing workshop
The workshop aims to train participants in the creation of performances and broadcasting of video content in real time.

Thanks to the technologies available to us today, it is possible to manage video content such as audio.

The course also aims to train participants in video improvisation by following the music or events in which the VJ usually operates, clubs, clubs, concerts, theater, television, conferences.

During the workshop the Resolume and FLxER software will be examined and a particular in-depth study on the more specialized VDMX, the methods of production and retrieval of video material, the design and organization of the live set will be analyzed.

The objective of the VJing workshop is precisely to provide the student with the theory and techniques to try their hand in the world of vjing, leaving ample space for the laboratory phase and the exchange of practical experiences between teacher and students.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

- 1 projector with screen for classroom explanations
- 1 small sound system (minijack in)
- 1 microphone

What the artists brings

- 2 laptops

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Italy Roma, Bologna, Bergamo, Hungary Budapest