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yume no mata nume

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yume no mata nume
Live projection of Japan anime based images combined with quadraphonic sound using the language of live cinema aesthetics on buildings, generating a truly immersive experience.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

-Laptop Table (150 mm x 100mm min.)

- 1 up to 3 projectors/screens
- HDMI cable on stage (if more screens, please provide individual signal-cables)

- Full HD projector: Power according to the room/location (18.000 ANSI Lumens min.)

- Optional setup with LED screens (please contact the artist)

- 4 Channel Audio Setup (Speaker + Mixer (4x4 min.)
- 4 Mono plug cables

What the artists brings

-MacBook Pro 15"
-MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid
-Ableton Live 11
-AKAI APC40 mkII Controller
-Resolume Arena

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Dario Pagliaricci
Dario Pagliaricci

Argentina Río Cuarto