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In The Beginning There Was Light

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In The Beginning There Was Light
Makela presents historical trajectories for live cinema, connecting technological innovations to a showcase of her AV-performances.
There are many possible historical trajectories and influences to follow. Some, like Wayan Kulit, continue today as they ever were. Others have shifted their energy into other forms, and continue with us: Would we have a club scene today, without Father Castel ́s inspirations? I-Tune visualizations without Wilfred ́s Lumia projections? The real-time video software effects without video synthesizers? The video synthesizers without platforms like Experimental Television Center and publications like Radical Software?
Makela wishes to honor the creative spirits of the bygone days, be they visionaries, technological innovators, artists or organizers, who spent their lives in exploration with the same passion we possess today in our artistic endeavours.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Sound system + audio connection to Mac Book Pro-laptop
HDMI-cable to Mac Book Pro-laptop
+ Internet connection if possible
A table for Mac Book Pro-laptop
A chair fitting to the height of the table

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Mia Makela
Mia Makela



Live Cinema Festival 2021
Live Cinema Festival 2021
Thursday, 23 September 2021