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M.ELA_Q 2.0

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • IDM, Advanced Hip Hop
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M.ELA_Q 2.0
M.ela_Q is an audio/visual performance, composed by Massi Frateschi. Its name is derived from the strong influence that the vaporwave cultural current has had on the artist. Every track recalls the dysfunctional act between the human being and the web and digital technology that surrounds them as a representation of the distortion resulting from their fusion.
Mela-Q or Ctrl-Alt-Canc / Del is indeed a combination of keys on the computer keyboard designed to perform closures or reboots in case of problems. The artist interprets this command as a deliberate act of a human being, of forcing a system to stop, reset or quit, taking the control of it.
As a stylistic trademark, the artist uses the sounds of the surrounding environment and of distortions from chemical reactions that they create and record. That’s why they call this genre of music " hi-fi and chemical”

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

• 2 x Table minimum 2 meters or 2 x Table 1 meters (on stage)
• 1 x Mixer Audio min.8/pref.12 channel (Behringer Xenyx X2222 USB type)
• Sound system with suitable power for the venue w/ subwoofer
• 2 x Monitor Speakers
• 6 European Power Plugs
• 1 x Dynamic cardioid Vocal Microphone (Shure sm58 type) + Stand
• 2 x Condenser Clip-on Microphone (T.bone cc 75 types) for the Orchestra
• 40 minutes sound check before doors open for Live Sets

What the artists brings

• 2 x 13” and 16” MacBook Pro
• 4 x Midi Controllers
• 1 x Synth Pad (for Live)
• 2 x Powered USB Hub
• 1 x Soundcard
• 1 x Mixer Audio 4 Channel Xenyx 802
• Cables for devices

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • IDM, Advanced Hip Hop


Live Cinema Festival 2021
Live Cinema Festival 2021
Saturday, 25 September 2021