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Vector Field

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  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
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Vector Field
Vector Field is an audiovisual performance that explores the real-time manipulation of a purposely minimalist vector stream, distorted by sound.
Inspiration As many scientists believe, what we commonly call "Time" is in fact only a human perception o quantum state changes of matter. There is no before, and there will be no after, only a moment which under our eyes is transformed according to the immutable rules our universe.
Inspired by this principle, in Vector Field, the artist portrays a three-dimensional homophonic and abstract structure, deliberately using references to the science of topology and the common representation of sound waves in western culture to represent an aesthetic flow generated by computer, drawing an elusive continuum, as a mirror of its inner perception.
The performance is based on transformation of visual artifacts by sound material, creating transient 3D geometries explored in real time by the displacement of a virtual camera, in symbiosis with sound, which acts as a energy guide creating ruptures and contrast echoing these transformations with emotional evocation.
The quest of live equilibrium between visual and sound media creates a performance with radical and highly dynamic presence where dense soundscapes and minimal geometries carry the audience into a journey of immersive metamorphosis

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

High quality video projector, DLP technology, capable of accepting HDMI signal at full HD, 10k lumens recommended (6K minimum)
All necessary cables and adaptor to route the signa from the laptop on stage to the projector.

For classic version (stereo performance) :
- Mixer is not required on stage. Audio signals come from Motu Ultra Lite mk3 and are line level analog audio on blanked 1/4“ TRS jacks.
The signals from the Soundcard is routed directly to the house mixing board via DI Boxes provided by production. The production must also provide 2x1/4“ TRS jacks to connect the sound card to the main PA
- Sound system need to be able to deliver undistorted signal at 105db over the whole frequency range from 30hz-20kHz. This implies we need a lot of energy in the low and very low end. Provide enough appropriate subwoofers.
- 2 stage mono tis - with stereo pan - are required and positioned on each side of the artist on stage.

For Hybrid version :
- an array of speaker should be layered around the audience area, whose the position must be discussed with artist. If your intention is to organize this set up get in touch with artist directly to discuss for feasibility.

What the artists brings


  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Experimental Electronics



France Paris


Live Cinema Festival 2021
Live Cinema Festival 2021
Sunday, 26 September 2021